October 2013 profile

Hello, my name is Jules and my family and I live on a small farm nestled amidst the mountains of interior British Columbia, Canada.

In 2016, Wool Maiden Handcrafted Fibre and Yarn arose out of my own daily need to create, while also providing a little extra for my family.  I enjoy all aspects of raising sheep…from walking the sheep to their grazing spots, to lambing season in the spring, to even mucking out the barn to provide our gardens with rich, beautiful soil…it is a pleasure to be involved in this cycle of life.  Perhaps one of the most satisfying benefits of raising sheep is shearing season.  Once the thick fleeces are off the sheep, the real work begins of scouring, combing, spinning and dyeing.  I love every step of the way and feel so very lucky to be able to help birth the lambs that will eventually find their wool in our sweaters and hats.

Today, I have two different lines of yarn available in my shop.  I purchase Canada’s finest luxury wool and then carefully hand-paint or kettle dye the lovely yarn with gentle commercial dyes.  In late spring of this year, I will also offer Farm Fresh Fibre which is yarn directly from our own flock of fibre sheep.  All the Farm Fresh Fibre is dyed with plants and mushrooms foraged or grown here on our property.  The Farm Fresh Fibre is a little more rustic for those people who like to know the exact sheep whose wool contributed to the yarn.

Today, you may find me somewhere on our mountain homestead, either homeschooling with my children, repairing fences with my husband, tending my flock of sheep, or happily relaxing with fleece in hand.  I hope you enjoy your visit here…and maybe find a little yarn for yourself.