Welcome to Gladsheim Farm

Hello, I’m glad you came to visit!

May 2015 - goats are here 1

Our little 5 acre farm is nestled on the side of a mountain overlooking the Slocan River in the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia. We have lived here since 2003, but only began our hobby farm in 2013 with a small flock of laying hens and two pigs.

May 2015 - new chick 2

It was such fun collecting eggs and watching the piglets grow in leaps and bounds, that we considered more animals the following spring.  And that is exactly how we find ourselves today, with way more animals than originally intended…Our little farm is bursting at the fences with 30 layers, 2 goats, and 5 sheep who are all permanent fixtures.  For brief stints in the warmer months, we also have 100 broiler chickens, 15 turkeys and 10 pigs.  I have been reminded by my children to add that we also have 3 big dogs and 2 cats and a houseful of uninvited mice.

April 2015 - pigs 8 wks 7

We have built all the livestock buildings by ourselves, mostly with wood we harvested or milled from our property or from the mountains around us…including hand-split cedar shakes on the roof.  Everything has a slight wonky look to it, but we haven’t heard any complaints from the residents.

While we began with the idea of having fresh, organic eggs for our family, we realized that we really qualified as a small hobby farm.  A name was needed, someone reckoned, and we spent the better part of a few years debating various suggestions.  With my oldest studying Norse mythology one year, we landed on a name we all agreed upon…Gladsheim Farm.  Derived from the Old Norse word for “happy home” or “happy farm”, Gladsheim was also the hall of the Aesir gods in Asgard.  With a heavy dose of Norwegian blood running through most of our veins, and living in the shadow of the Valhalla Mountains, Gladsheim Farm just fits.

March 2015 - heidi 5

As a family, we strive to ensure that our farm is indeed a happy home for all of the creatures who reside here, both animal and human.