Wool Maiden


There is nothing cuter than little balls of yellow fuzz! In early summer, our hen house becomes a brooding pen for dozens of newly hatched chicks. While they stay warm and dry, the tiny chicks feather out and transform from buttery shades of yellow to snow white.

summer showers

A short burst of rain on a hot summer day is almost as welcome as the colourful rainbow that inevitably appears. A beautiful shimmering arc of vibrant hues, reaches over our valley from one mountain ridge to the other across the river.



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Faded Denims

The soft worn look of a favourite pair of denims is a wardrobe staple on the farm. Deep blues in some areas, nearly light blue in others, Faded Denims is one of my very favourite blues of all.

a little about..

Wool Maiden

Inspired by all things woolly, I love to hand craft roving and yarn.  I began knitting for my own children when they were newborns and this led me to handspinning.  It seemed very natural to acquire sheep, including Merinos, Gotlands, and Romneys.  Today, you may find me somewhere on our mountain homestead, either homeschooling with my children, repairing fences with my husband, tending my flock of sheep, or happily relaxing with fleece in hand.  I hope you enjoy your visit here…and maybe find a little yarn for yourself.


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