Wool Maiden

a walk in the woods (new!)

Taking a walk in the woods is an easy way to unwind after a long day of farm chores. The sun filtering through the deep green leaves, the muted shades of mossy browns that cover the forest floor, and glimpses of blue sky that peek through the treetop.

farm fresh fibre

Soft and bouncy yarn of all weights and colours from our own flock of sheep!



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a midsummer night's dream (new!)

Blossoms that appear so vibrant during the bright light of day, take on magical and mysterious tones in the night. Beneath the light of the moon, in the quiet stillness, amidst the fairies and flowers, the present merges into dreams.

nosey posey

Each sheep has a different personality, but I can count on my beloved Merino, Posey, to give me gentle nudges with her soft, wet nose as she searches for a handful of grain.

home from the mill

A bag of farm fresh fibre, home from the mill.  Ready for some botanical dyes.


A favourite colourway, Hatchling’s variegated buttery yellows recall the soft, downy golden fluff of a newborn chick.

a little about..

Wool Maiden

Inspired by all things woolly, I love to hand craft roving and yarn.  I began knitting for my own children when they were newborns and this led me to handspinning.  It seemed very natural to acquire sheep, including Merinos, Gotlands, and Romneys.  Today, you may find me somewhere on our mountain homestead, either homeschooling with my children, repairing fences with my husband, tending my flock of sheep, or happily relaxing with fleece in hand.  I hope you enjoy your visit here…and maybe find a little yarn for yourself.


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